American EZ Bag

30 pocket reversible bag with adjustable straps. Can be worn as a backpack, rigger's bag or unzipped and laid out flat. Originally made for carpentry tools, but the American EZ Bag can be used as a tote bag, boat bag, knitting bag, overnight bag, gardening bag, hairdresser's bag, arts & crafts bag, & more....

Tool Bag

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Beach Bag

beach-bag.jpg (86108 bytes)

Artists Bag

artists-bag-nylon.jpg (75164 bytes)

Knitting Bag

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Overnight Bag

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Available in heavy duty canvas...

original-canvas.jpg (38756 bytes)

or in nylon ( white or blue).

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Original Canvas - 16" deep -- bottom measures 12" x 6" 1152 cubic inches

Nylon - 14 1/2" deep -- bottom measures 10" x 6" 870 cubic inches

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